Our 100% superfine merino

There’s so much magic in Mokopuna merino​

The finest quality​
We use the finest quality 100% superfine merino that is silky soft and comfortable next to sensitive baby skin and can be worn for years to come.​
Designed with longevity in mind​
We consciously design with longevity in mind. Our pieces are beautifully made and timeless, preferring gender-neutral colours and styles that can be handed down from sibling to sibling and loved by the whole family. Clothing used more times for more children, is more environmentally sustainable and offers longer lasting value.​
Perfect to wear all year round​
Merino is temperature regulating, moisture wicking and breathes against your babies skin, making it the perfect next to skin layer for your baby to wear all year round - even in summer.​
A better sleep​
Merino promotes a deeper, more restful sleep with its temperature regulating qualities. A well-rested baby is a happy baby which makes for happy, rested parents too.​
A low environmental impact​
Once your little ones have outgrown their Mokopuna merino and it can no longer be worn, its natural fibres, once disposed of, will biodegrade in months, ensuring a waste-free future for our little mokopuna.​

Mokopuna merino wool is ZQ certified sustainable ​

ZQ merino is an ethical and wool certification program that ensures you receive the highest-quality merino on the market. ​
ZQ is a wool certification standing for animals, people, our planet, and you. ZQRX is a regenerative index, to accelerate small, collective, regenerative-driven actions to make a difference.​

What is so special about our 100% superfine merino? ​

Our merino is 195 GSM and 18.9 micron. So, what does that mean? Not all wool is the same. Wool can be divided into three main categories, fine, medium and broad. ​
Fine wool has the finest or smallest micron, which comes from merino sheep and is used for high-quality fabrics. It is regarded as the premium wool type for apparel. ​
Medium wool can be produced from a type of merino or produced by crossing one breed with another. This wool is used in variety of woven/mixed apparel cloths. ​
Broad wool uses different sheep breeds to produce broader wools. They have the highest micron are useful for products such as carpets, however, they are too itchy for clothing. The higher the micron, the bigger the itch.​

What is a micron?​

Merino wool is categorised as fine wool and is highly regarded as the premium wool type. These categories are determined by the micron of each fibre of the wool. A micron is the measurement which refers to the diameter of the wool fibre in millimetres. ​
Smaller microns are finer and softer, but also much more expensive. Merino wool tends to measure between 15 to 25 micron. For context, the average micron of human hair is between 50 to 100 micron. This demonstrates how premium and soft merino wool is, as it is generally less than 25 micron.​
Proudly, our garments are 18.9 micron, which means they are classified as superfine merino. This means our garments are very gentle, soft, smooth, and kind on the skin, ideal for wearing directly on the skin. ​

What is GSM?​

GSM stands for grams per square meter. It represents the overall weight of the fabric, referring to how heavy or light the garment is. ​
Merino wool GSM ranges from over 250 GSM (very heavy) to less than 150 GSM (very lightweight). Our merino is 200 GSM which means it’s lightweight.


All of our garments have ultraviolet protection factor (UPF). This  indicates how much UV radiation (both UVB and UVA) a fabric allows to reach your skin. Our garments have a UPF rating between 20 (good) and 40 (excellent), which means our merino will keep your little one safe from harmful UVB and UVA rays.