Our story

Mokopuna merino our story

For 15 years, we have been collaborating with Mother Nature to create beautiful, sustainable, 100% superfine merino clothing and sleepwear for babies and toddlers. We use only the softest merino wool, meaning that a child in sheep's clothing; is a child that is comfortable, nurtured and protected.

We were one of the first baby clothing companies in New Zealand to make our garments using 100% superfine merino wool. Our merino wool is not only silky soft next to sensitive skin, its natural, biodegradable and sustainable. It's our goal to keep your little one warm and comfy as they grow, and support the environment they will grow up in.

Mokopuna garments are designed with quality in mind. While many of our competitors substitute high-quality merino for a lower grade, or make savings using cotton outer fabric with merino lining, we are proud of our collection of 100% pure merino kids clothes. Our focus on quality means that our timeless and gender-neutral products are often passed down from sibling to sibling and loved by the whole family. 

Temperature regulating

The real magic of our merino is that it allows your little one to stay warm when the weather is cool and cool when the weather is warm. Merino is breathable, removing moisture and clamminess from your baby's skin to prevent overheating. It also insulates so that baby can be warm and comfortable, sleep soundly and gain the energy needed to grow. Rest assured that Mokopuna will help to keep baby's temperature constant, like a personal thermostat!  

100% natural

Merino fiber is annually renewable. Grown in nature by the merino sheep, this wonder fiber is shorn to keep the sheep comfortable for the warmer months, then grows back every winter. This process makes merino super sustainable, and naturally biodegradable (it breaks down when buried in soil, slowly releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth). At Mokopuna we produce our garments in an ethical way, respecting the environment, people and animals involved. Other synthetic fibers like polyester, polar fleece and polypropylene are basically just plastic, not only can these cause irritation to babies skin, they are harmful to the environment.

Silky soft against young skin

Free of harsh chemicals, beautifully fine and lightweight Mokopuna merino is luxuriously soft next to young skin so there's no itch or scratch. The temperature regulating properties of merino keep the moisture content of your child's skin healthy, making it less prone to eczema and bacterial infections. Naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial it has the added benefit of smelling wonderful and staying clean for longer. 

​The safe fibre for your baby

Mokopuna merino is warm even when wet, yet prevents the overheating that can lead to SIDS. Other natural fibers like cotton, linen and silk can be extremely flammable when untreated. Merino is fire retardant (exceeds fire safety requirements for BS 5722), if ignited it will burn slowly and may even self-extinguish.


Mokopuna merino is part of the phil&teds Most Excellent Buggy Company, based in Wellington, New Zealand.